In a previous life..

I worked in fashion which had completely ran me into the ground. I felt completely disconnected, unhappy and unhealthy as I’d ever been.

Soon, I was living without passion or purpose. I was wracked with anxiety and depression, as well as a horrific eating disorder. Life was bleak. It was clear that I needed to change. Alignment. Happiness.

I found myself drawn to kinesiology and the depth behind it. Unlike any therapy of medicine I’d ever known, the practice allowed me to look inside myself and identify my problems while evolving in a powerful way. It’s a rare and exceptional feeling, one I have now made my mission to help others find in themselves.

I think it’s absolutely important to enjoy still all the beautiful and varied aspects of what makes life worth living. But I’ve come to respect balance, something that is reflected in my methodology, combining spirituality, healing and above all, practicality.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you find your best state of being.

My Qualifications

Certified member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists
Stage IV Kinesiology Certificate issued by the Australasian College of Kinesiology Mastery
Kinergetics units 1 - 6 Resonate Essences Practioner
Ataana healing method practitioner Touch for Health I - III

Truly dedicated and extremely professional, Harriet has changed my life for the better.

I can not thank her enough for what she's done for me when I needed some guidance. I would honestly recommend her to anyone that is looking to clear any negative energy and thoughts. She's helped me see that there is a more positive approach to look at my life and the journey I'm on. It's a genuinely freeing humbling experience. Thank you again, Harriet.

- Georgia

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